Now that people are stuck in homes and cannot go anywhere outside due to COVID-19, all the animals that are inside zoos are having a good time roaming around and meeting fellow animals.

Although the places are closed, the caretakers haven’t forgotten to share photos and videos of the life of these animals on social media. The most popular pictures among these are these adorable meetings between animals.

Image credits: mysticaquarium

One such meet-up that went viral is the one between a tegu and a sea lion, at Mystic Aquarium. The confusion in the sea pup’s face is so hilarious, that this video was shared over 16K times.

Another zoo, the Cincinnati Zoo, is also letting animals meet each other. Red river hog Sir Francis Bacon was given the opportunity to visit other animals, and the meerkats have been the most surprised about the strange creature.

Maryland Zoo shared a video too, of an Indian runner duck saying hi to the penguins. Check out the cute video below.

San Diego zoo also joined the action, by taking a coati to have a look at the primates.

Shedd Aquarium from Chicago took it into another level when it let one of its Magellanic penguins walk inside the aquarium, looking at its fellow penguins swimming inside the tanks.

Now this will be something that interests you more. These zoos and aquariums are letting people join the live streams too!

Gregg Hudson from the Dallas Zoo says that “The main thing is, we want to not lose contact with the incredible base we’ve got, nearly 30,000 family members here in Dallas,”. He further hopes that these images and videos will relax the minds of people out their who are constantly being stressed out by the news about the current situation in the world.

Other zoos that let you join their live streams include Cincinnati Zoo, Shedd Aquarium, and Kansas City Zoo. Have fun!


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