New Research Discovers The Moon Is 85 Million Years Younger Than We Thought

The moon is not only the largest and brightest object in the sky, it makes Earth a more inhabitable planet for human beings to live on. It helps stabilize the planet wobble on its axis which helps to stabilize the climate. Our moon is the fifth largest of the 190+ moons orbiting planets in our solar system. The moon’s atmosphere, the exosphere, is very fine and the surface of the moon is entirely cratered and pitted from various impacts.

However, while all the facts above have been proved accurate, only recently one major fact about the moon has been researched to be wrong. In a study conducted by the German Aerospace Center researchers, it was discovered that the moon is 85 million years younger than scientists had proved earlier.

It was researched that the moon once had a massive, fiery magma ocean which was later formed into the moon it is today. It is believed that a Mars-size protoplanet violently hit young Earth which formed our rock satellite ‘the moon’ with the debris and cosmic rubble from the collision.

The moon captured in the solar system
Image Credits: NASA

Therefore, the conclusion that was finalized by scientists in the past that the formation of the moon which was believed to have happened 4.51 billion years ago, has been proved inaccurate. In the new research conducted, it was pegged that the birth of the moon was only 4.425 billion years ago (give or take 85 million years).

The research determined this by calculating the composition of the moon using mathematical models. Then, based on the concept that the moon was a host to a massive magma ocean, the team of researchers measured how the minerals that formed the magma cool, solidify and change with time.

A magma ocean of the moon in the ancient times
Image Credits: NASA

With this new discovery, co-author of the study Sabrina Schwinger said they were able to trace back to the beginning of the evolution of the sea. In addition, it was also stated that this is the first time that moon was directly linked back to an occurrence at the formation of the Earth’s core. This was stated by Prof. Thorsten Kleine of Planetology at the Müenster University of Germany.


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