Woman Saved A Duck's Egg By Keeping It In Her Bra For 35 Days

Betsy Ross is a kind-hearted woman from California, who is being a mother to 3 children. And now we are going to talk about her because now she is being a mother to another one in addition to her 3 children.

A day in recent past Betsy and her family decided to play pickleball and went to the park. And there they noticed that a duck nest has been destroyed by someone. Though it was a sorrowful sight to see, they inspected it very closely. Then they found an egg and it was slightly cracked. Betsy couldn’t leave the egg there, she wanted to save it. She brought it home and the next challenge was where to keep it. And you will be amazed when you hear it, that Betsy started hatching it by keeping it in her cleavage.

When scrolling through the article you may have some parts of Besty’s interview with Bored Panda.

Duck's egg

“My kids were very upset about it … [they] found a lone egg with a small crack that wasn’t leaking and asked me to save it.”


“I really didn’t think I had a chance of saving it because I’ve never hatched an egg”

Betsy only has odd jobs during the summer and at this time she was out of work.

“I couldn’t afford an incubator, so I called our local wildlife place [but] they told me they didn’t take eggs”

Local wildlife place agreed with Betsy to take the duckling after hatching the egg by Betsy.

“So I put the egg in my bra to keep it warm and started researching online how to hatch a duck”

“I carried it in my bra for 35 days and slept with it there as well. I’m a plus size girl so it just kinda fit right between my breast”

“When I had to shower, I had my husband hold it. I figured if mom ducks leave to get food for a bit then wouldn’t hurt to leave to shower”

When researching about hatching, Betsy found that she had to stop rotating the egg and needs lots of humidity. So finally she came up with a solution. She made a hatching box using few things like a bulb, plastic container, tapes, a bowl of water, etc.

“At 35 days, I started hearing faint peeps which the internet said was called pipping and its beak was pushing out of the lining”

There was something wrong and Betsy called a vet. According to the vet, Betsy had to peel the shell away because the duckling was stuck.

“One day, we woke up and he was walking. Later on, I would let him swim in the tub and mud puddles”

“He would nap with me during the day and I made a little carrier for him and took him places with me”

“He would follow me and when he heard my voice, he would lose it and scream. He seemed to know when I left without him because my husband complained that he would sit and cry”


“I contacted one of my rescue connections and found a little rescue farm that is nearby”


“He is doing well and has a new human girl who loves him”


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