Viral Video of a Guy Waking Up His Deaf And Blind Dog Without Scaring Her

Dogs are man’s best friend. And we have heard enough stories to prove it right. I know we got our differences, but compared to cats, dogs are loyal animals and once they live their life with us, they go directly to heaven.

Recently,a tiktok video of an adorable disabled dog named Plum went viral receiving 13 million likes. Plum, who is just 10 months old is auditory and visually impaired. This cute little dog belongs to Aiden Michael Mann.

When he was interviewed, he said, “I adopted Plum in July 2019. She was 6 months old and just a darling puppy. My colleagues work on projects like saving and were taking care of dogs. Plum and her brother were also found from one of those projects, and I was looking for homes for them. When she brought Plum to work, I instantly fell in love with her and wanted to adopt her”


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“She was just a happy pup and I knew Lola (my other dog) and I would make a great home for her. It wasn’t really a hard decision to make, she deserved a loving home and a happy life,” Aiden told when questioned why he adopted Plum.

After some attempts, he found out the best way to wake up the little poodle. He gently blows on her muzzle, and just like that, she’s wide awake. The first thing she does when she wakes is, go in search of Aiden and give him a good cuddle.

When asked about the dog’s name from Aiden, he replied: “My colleague who was nurturing her actually named her and I loved it so we kept it.”

TikTok is a very competitive platform and receiving 13 million likes and 54 million views is huge. “I was surprised to see this many views. I was impressed to see her video go viral.”

“The toughest challenge was training to understand and being able to sense what helps and what doesn’t. Not every canine is the alike, therefore, know what applies to your dog, because my method won’t be applicable with other dogs. It was after many attempts that each one of us finally we’re able to work together ,” said Aiden when discussing the challenges of bringing up a disabled animal.

“Plum is the happiest and sweetest dog you’ve ever met. Her favourite toy is a ball, she loves to cuddle, and her favourite place is anywhere Lola and I are.”

“My favourite thing about Plum is that even with her differences, she doesn’t let it affect her. She lives life to the fullest and is still such a happy dog.”

Image credits: lola_plum365


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