President Donald Trump Is Ready To Ban TikTok Operations In the US

On Friday night a statement was made by US President Donald Trump to a reporter of Air Force One that TikTok will be entirely banned from America. As far as TikTok is concerned this application will be discontinued from operating permanently in America, said Donald Trump. In response to these comments made by Trump ByteDance a Beijing based tech company has agreed to divest US services of TikTok.

TikTok is the second most popular video application used globally. Over a hundred million users of this app are from the US.

TikTok App displayed on the phone
Image Credits: Unsplash/Aaron Weiss

With the sudden outbreak of the global pandemic, TikTok gained huge acclaim as it has also helped many people with isolation and depression. The video is basically a way to keep an individual occupied. And it is also a source of income for many.

However, even after the company had agreed to devise the US operations of TikTok Trump does not support the idea, said reports. Instead, he is intending on using emergency economics powers or executive order to ban the video application by his authority. The board of Trump is also looking at various steps to be taken against TikTok.

US President Donald Trump
Image Credits: Facebook/DonaldJTrump

Concerns have also arisen of the chance of tension within the China and US government. Allegations have been posed by many that the company is using the app to spy on the citizens of America and overall. It was alleged of posing a danger to national security.

However, despite all these facts more than being focused on banning TikTok, governments should be fixed on resolving the major issue of unjustified government surveillance.


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