While having the major attention of everyone to the Coronavirus outbreak, some beautiful incidents have also been happening. As many says, during this outbreak, nature has begun to recover itself. So proving that about 1-month ago, two adorable baby pandas were welcomed to the world. And the most important thing is that Pandas are considered as vulnerable species.

To be precise, they were born on March 17 at Chengdu Research and Breeding Base of Giant Panda. And also they were given beautiful names too, “Ping Ping” and “An An” are the names that they have been given, which means ‘Safe’ and ‘Sound’ in English.

panda baby

Their mother is a 16-year old panda named ‘Fuwa’. ‘Fuwa’ means Lucky Doll, and she proved that she deserves such a name by giving birth to two lovely babies.

As MailOnline reported these two little baby pandas were weighed 159.8 grams and 119.5 grams respectively at birth.

And now those baby pandas are remaining healthy and weigh about over 1 kg and 800 grams respectively.

Baby pandas

So, let’s warmly welcome our newly born ‘Ping ping’ and ‘An An’.


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