Hilarious Toy Design Failures That Would Have Caused Employees To Get An Earful From Their Bosses

Any child’s childhood should be a time filled with fun, happiness, a lot of joyous moments, and of course, toys. We all know that toys of every kind are design specifically by adults. Crappy designs/manufactures of toys are nothing new to us adults as we have seen many of them. However, adults who manufacture these have a clear responsibility for having a reasonable amount of consideration to make sure they are designed appropriately.

Toys employ a child’s senses, spark their imaginations, and encourage them to interact with others. Children need many opportunities as they can get to play with all sorts of good toys appropriate for them.

That is why designing a product to its maximum best is one of the key roles of any company or brand. Also, with the proper design of the product will help establish a good name for the company. However, some adults did not seem to get the memo.

I mean any responsible parent would get furious for such things while some would just laugh it off. Some would even hope and pray the person who gave the go for these products gets fired. And the disappointment on your kid’s face is something no parent would want to see ever. Because every parent wants the very best for the children.

Don’t worry those employees must have had earful talk with their bosses to sort the matter anyway. Now let’s scroll through some photos that would make you go “What on earth are children playing with today?”

Here is a collection of photos of some of the crappiest but hilarious toy products designed. Enjoy!


A doll's pony is the tail of the horse
Image Credits: Reddit/mgnthng


A blow up cartoon character
Image Credits: Reddit/ViolentThespian


A smiling dinosaur
Image Credits: Reddit/TittySprinkles44


Toy Story animation character
Image Credits: Instagram/lskoch5


Spiderman on a vehicle
Image Credits: Reddit/nnovl


Batman and robin
Image Credits: Reddit/TauBone


Elmo teddy bear in a box
Image Credits: Reddit/fredrick99


A baby doll with hair
Image Credits: Reddit/sobeach


Winnie the Pooh gone wrong
Image Credits: Reddit/pheromonekvlt


A girl doll sitting on a branch of a tree
Image Credits: Reddit/Krzyszu


Toy mouse soldiers
Image Credits: Reddit/knucklebater


A black colored doll inside a box
Image Credits: Instagram/playtimecares


A toy that poops glitter
Image Credits: Reddit/aMpeX


Princess collection puzzle
Image Credits: Imgur/dagrass


Minnie Mouse night lamp
Image Credits: Reddit/Brilliant999


A squish ball
Image Credits: Reddit/pawnee-goddes


Crappy designed watter bubble bottles
Image Credits: Reddit/King_Konan


A wolverine action figure
Image Credits: Reddit/Hamwise_Lambgee


Belle from beauty and the beast
Image Credits: Twitter/SabrinaLianne


A toy insect
Image Credits: Reddit/Portr8


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