This Dog Breed Got People Baffled For Their Unique Appearance

While there are around 360 dog breeds in the world, people know only the common, popular ones. Have you heard of the Catahoula Leopard Dog, Peruvian Inca Orchid, or Mudi? Well, there’s another breed you might know from ancient Inca history, but haven’t seen one real life. Anyway, now, you’re about to see one, the Peruvian Hairless.

The Peruvian Hairless is from the Sphynx breed that you often see in ancient Egyptian statues and drawings. (Aren’t you already excited? I know you’re!) While Egyptian history has the Sphynx breed at that, the specific breed of the Peruvian Hairless has a much cooler history from, yeah you guessed it right, Peru.

This is an actual ancient breed from Peru and you can really see them in the anciet art and pottery from the pre-Inca period. Anyway, why the hassle about this breed suddenly?

That’s because Wendy, full-time dog rescuer, got a Peruvian Hairless to fly 3,115 miles to come to his home with 16 other dogs. Wendy developed an interest in adopting one of this breed because of their elegant bodies and “expressionlesss” faces.

“Fable has such an expressionless face but she’s actually a very expressive dog when you get to know her,” she added.

This breed is extremely rare to find nowadays because they started going extinct in the early 1990s. Only a few breeders exist now, and Wendy paid around $2,500 to get her dog Fable from Peru to her forever home.

Interestingly, whenever Wendy takes Fable out for a walk, she gets a lot of stares as well as questions because of Fable’s unique appearance that is quite different from what the word “dog” reminds one of.

“We get told Fable looks like a statue a lot,” Wendy said.
“Every time I go out with her I’m stopped at least five times and everybody says the same thing. They all ask, ‘What type of dog is that? I’ve never seen an animal like that, she doesn’t look real,’ and ‘What does she feel like?’ Everyone wants to touch her and understand her origin. They say she looks like an Egyptian statue and a lot of people refer to her as Anubis, the famous Egyptian god of mummification.”

Obviously, the Peruvian Hairless, as the name itself suggests, is not the fluffy ball that you’d expect. Still, as Wendy confirms, Fable is as silly and playful as any other dog. And mind you, the Peruvian Hairless might look like a statue, but they are very much active and you’ll find a nice playmate in them.


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