An Innocent 73-Year-Old Elephant Sook Jai Finally Free From A Life Of Cruelty And Abuse

There are many never-ending stories of animal cruelty and abuse that are reported from all parts of the world. Rescuers who are committed to saving those innocent lives have to endure a lot of pain and sadness in almost every single one of their missions. However, along with the pain and sadness a sense of happiness and satisfaction when you do the right thing of saving those animals. Here is the story of Sook Jai a 73-year-old elephant.

For the most Sook Jai’s life, she has been in captivity was abused and has been used for various kinds of jobs. Sook Jai has never had the chance to live the life of like a normal elephant. She was forced to work as a street beggar and in tourist trekking.

Sook Jai the 73-year-ol elephant

However, as her health began to deteriorate as she got older Shook Jai became blind and lost most of her hearing. Finally, a miracle happened to save her from all this evil cruelty and abuse.

A rescuer feeling Sook Jai

A certain group of individuals from the Elephant Nature Park who are committed to saving the lives of these innocent animals had heard the story of Sook Jai. Immediately after learning about this incident, these good people worked hard to grant her freedom. This rescue center is joined to the Save Elephant Foundation located in Thailand. It was a rescuer named Joan Baez that chose to help and sponsor Sook Jai to free from cruelty.

Sook Jai the elephant waving its trunk

With all preparations in order to make the 20-hour journey to the sanctuary, the group arrived at the place where Sook Jai was at the time. The innocent soul had multiple wounds on her head and body. On the way to the sanctuary, Sook Jai was well taken care of and showed affection something she has not felt ever in her life.

Sook Jai crying tears of joy

What made the journey emotional is when the innocent animal shed tears of joy and waving her trunk in the air as she knew she is finally free.

Image Credits: Youtube Screenshot


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