Artists Expose Dark And Intimate Realities Through 'Adult' Street Art And It Hits Exactly Where It Hurts!

Street art is often perceived as a wonderful medium to convey messages of social relevance. Many of its finest instances come in the form of guerrilla art, which is composed to make a public statement about the society that the artist lives within. The work has moved from the beginnings of graffiti and vandalism to new modes where artists work to bring powerful messages about the environment, social issues and many more to an audience.

Street artists have the freedom to exercise their creativity on a huge canvas which covers a variety of topics. This way their ideas aren’t restricted and the message that they want to put across is plainly put across. This street art uses simple slogans and provocative images to cover essential and inspiring ideas about global warming, environmental damage, and social issues in ways that are easy to remember. Such a technique can inspire people to take action or at least remind them about important issues that they may have forgotten.

Scroll through the below list of the most powerful messages left on city walls and pavements and prepare to be inspired for a change.

1. Polluting the air

How aptly put.

2. Price tags

Animals are taken for granted.

3. Fast food chains

Christopher Robin and  Winnie-the-Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Kanga, Piglet, Roo, Rabbit, Owl, Gopher, Lumpy, Darby, Buster
They are taking over the food industry!

4. Evils of global warming

Melt away!
street art

5. Oil alert!

Earless seal
A day will come.

6. Target

The various food habits.

7. Extinction

street art containers
And it’s all our fault.

8. Save the trees!

girl watering a tree art
A world without trees is not something we want.

9. Disbelievers

water building
It’s not going to stop if you avoid it!

10. Building blocks

man eating trees street art
At what cost?

11. Entertainment purposes

circus animals art
How would you like to be controlled?

12. The ugly truth

wall street
The truth, nonetheless.

13. Digging our own grave

art people
Do you not love your life?

14. Human consumption

trees eating big mouth art
Keep building them until you run out of the air to breathe!

15. Animals are free creatures

zoo animals
Why don’t we let them be?

16. The weak foundation

apartment building street art
This is not helping at all!

17. Look what you made me do

hanging rabbit art
I thought human beings had the ability to reason those animals lack.

18. Questions on their mind

animal cruelty
How are we different from wild animals?

19. Suck it up!

drain the world art
Soon it’s all going to be dry.

20. The draining world

pavement sewer
Pay attention to these signs.

21. Grocery shopping

brick wall
This is all they need and are deprived of it.

22. Hear him out

Beware, people!

23. Holy war

Why are we killing each other?

24. Snip Snap

tree hand
The eventual fate.


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