It doesn’t need to say that any form of animal cruelty is disgusting. Still, there are people who think humans rule the world, and treat animals as if they were objects that can be exploited. This is another such incident where animals including bears, dogs, buffaloes and goats are being mistreated in a Russian circus.

The video that went viral on social media included buffaloes jumping over small obstacles, with several bears forced to ride on buffaloes, forced to maintain their balance and stay on top without falling down. The bears’ snouts are tightly tied, and their facial expressions clearly show how scared, abused and vulnerable they were.

The dogs too are forced to ride the buffaloes. Throughout the performance, the trainers whip them. It does not end there. They are forced to use electric batons, whips, and perform beatings, amidst glaring lights and loud sounds, which these wild animals are not at all familiar with. The very fact that these animals need to be chained and cuffed and leashed shows that they are not in their natural habitat, and more importantly, it shows that they NEED to be in their natural habitat. They are tortured when they fail to perform several actions that are not natural to them. This is downright animal cruelty which needs to be stopped, immediately. The extent of the cruelty present in these actions needs not to be emphasized. Who would want to watch such ruthless behavior?

Just those photographs and videos that are being shared on social media of animals roaming free during the COVID19 lockdown is enough to show that it is humans that ruin life for these wildlife.

The videos only show the amount of torture they go through in performing. When not performing, they are made to live and be transported in small cages. It is really hard to watch these animals made to live under such torture, when they are supposed to live in the wild, in nature. One step you and I can take in order to give these animals the life they deserve, is to not go to these shows. Who would they have to perform to, if no one is there, right? Another effective action people can take is to start a petition against such animal cruelty. is one such popular site where you can take action.


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