Russian Woman Locked Up In House For 26 Years By Mother

It was recently reported that, Nadezhda Bushuyeva, a forty-two-year-old Russian lady had been trapped inside a house for 26 years. The report further stated that she was locked up in the house by her mom since Bushuyeva had graduated from school at the age of sixteen.  According to the mom, she has been ‘protecting’ her from the world.

Bushuyeva and her mum have been living in a hovel surrounded by cats and dead bodies of cats in a village named Arefinsky located in the West of Russia. Later, since she completed school at the age of 16, her mother, Tatyana kept her daughter under guard to make sure she did not witness the dangers of the real world. Confined in a house with neither power nor water, Nadezhda sought no option but to eat cat food or stale food, and she hasn’t had a bath in almost over 10 years.

An isolated woman with tangled hair and dirty clothes

However, in 2006, Nadezhda stepped out of the house she was isolated in for a small trip to the clinic, since her mother got sick and required serious medical attention.

An old woman wearing dirty clothes in an unclean home

After being locked up in a house with dead cats, an infestation of rats and only a small bed for the two to sleep on, Nadezhda finally showed up at a local council and met with the leader of the committee confessing her life is ‘worse’. She also went on to state she needs a workplace and a passport.

Cats in an unclean home with infestation of rats

The head of the social care department in the district of Vaschovsky located in Nizhny Novgorod region, Larisa Mikhayeva, stated authorities could not take any action as they were not medically diagnosed to be mentally ill. In addition to this, Nadezhda stated that she does not need a lifestyle change, the way she lives ‘suits’ her.

Image Credits: Central European News


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