Little Runaway Dog Escapes Firefighters On Busy Highway For Seven Minutes

As cute as dogs are, they are also mischievous creatures who’d have none other than their way. While their mischievous little acts can get us rolling on the floor laughing, sometimes they can get us into trouble too. This footage also shows one such incident which got a group of firefighters running down the road for seven long minutes trying to catch this one little pooch.

The adorably mischievous pooch who made it quite a busy day for people involved is a little Shih Tzu called Astro. Anyway, how he ended up there is not such a happy story.

Astro ShihTzu Runaway Dog
Liyah Young

A multi-vehicle collision took place on Friday, July 17, leading to injuries in several people. One of the people who was unfortunate enough to be there at that time was Astro’s owner, Liyah Young. She was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for minor injuries. Since Astro cannot accompany her there, Astro was taken into the care of the firefighters for the moment.

Montgomery Fire Department

And the story starts here!

Astro was in one of the vehicles of the firefighters and somebody happened to open the door. Astro saw his escape and decided to take a run along the busy highway. You can find below the footage from a chopper and trust me, this dog chase is more exciting in a funny way than most of the car chases! Just imagine a tiny little dog making several grownup firefighters run all over a busy highway for seven minutes!

Astro ShihTzu Runaway Dog

Anyway, although Astro happened to have a small injury on his paw by running on the hot pavement, he was nonetheless reunited with his owner, later.

Watch the video below and let us know in the comments whether this isn’t the cutest chase ever (while hoping that this kind of an incident won’t happen again)!


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