The Three Huskies That Saved A Cat Named Rosie From The Brink Of Death

It is really rare for dogs to get along with cats, and they have had their communication issues since ancient times. However, understanding what their differences are and how they developed are some important steps in helping them become friends. I guess in this case it’s just a bit different.

Meet Rosie and the Huskies who met on a tragic journey that turned into the most emotional and sweetest happy ending possible. At the brink of death at just two-weeks-old Rosie was found by a rescuer on the streets of San Jose. For several nights it was tough as Rosie struggled to take in food into her system. As time passed by she started to more limp and lethargic. Holding onto the last piece of hope, Lilo the Husky stepped in to help to an innocent soul.

Rosie when she was a baby kitten

Lilo was at the time still recovering from a surgery that had been done a few days prior to Rosie’s rescue. Regardless of that, Lilo let Rosie cuddle up to her for warmth for many hours. And sometime later Rosie started to cry out for food. It is a miracle.

Lilo and baby kitten Rosie lying together on the floor

Rosie was then given a bottle of milk that she had drunk all and nestled back into the warmth of Lilo. She then woke up it was like a new life was brought into the innocent lives soul. However, Lilo continued to show love and care for her. As time passed by Rosie the cat grew strong and confident within a short time than expected.

Rosie and the Huskies in a forest

As Rosie began to grow she made another two Husky friends that the rescuer had taken in to care for. The two Huskies’ names are Infinity and Miko.

Rosie and two Huskies on the snow

However, the cat continued to have trust in Lilo for guidance and mentoring as a mother.

Image Credits: Rosie and The Huskies


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