Woman Arrested Over Racial Abuse Of Man And Attack On Dog In York

A video was shared on Facebook last Tuesday by Facebook user Chloe Lengyel-heaton that many viewers found hard to watch and believe their eyes. While so many protests are being conducted not just in the US but all over the world against racism, this video shows a woman assaulting a man and his dog due to his race.

This incident happened on Hob Moor in York on Tuesday June 9, 2020. The video shows a woman in a black, ash and white striped sweater and black jeans wearing shades, approaching this man walking his dog. She then assaults him, spits on him, all out of the blue for no reason, while this man does not react in a negative manner at all. He tries to walk away from the scene for his own safety but the woman keeps following him. Not only that, this horrible woman even boots his dog who just kept wagging his tail in a friendly manner. The dog then runs away out of fear and the man who bore all her assaults up until then cannot bear it when she hits the dog, so he pushes her away.

As the video kept circulating on the internet a lot of people shared it while showing their disgust and anger at the woman’s behavior as well as the bystanders who just kept watching without helping the victim. People were heartbroken over the bullying that this man had to go through just because of his skin color, as well as the animal cruelty that the innocent dog who kept wagging its tail, had to go through. No one deserves such experience in their lives, be it a human or an animal!

The good news is that the York police was quick enough to arrest the woman as a suspect of racial abuse of a man and attack on his dog.

Watch the video here!

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Woman Racially Abuses Man And Attacks Dog In York


Woman Racially Abuses Man And Attacks Dog In York


Woman Racially Abuses Man And Attacks Dog In York

Image Source : Chloe Lengyel-heaton


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