New Research Discovers Human Eggs Too Have A Preference For Sperms

New analysis administered by an associate professor at Stockholm University, in Sweden, and pioneer of this new study in cooperation with the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) Dr. John Fitzpatrick, reported that human eggs show a solely specific preference to only particular male sperms when conceiving a child. It is has been researched that female eggs discharge chemicals called chemoattractants, that sort of leaves a chemical trace of breadcrumbs that sperm utilize to find unfertilized eggs and unfertilized eggs finding that idea sperm to get pregnant.

Additionally, in line with the new study, female eggs don’t always 100% with her partner’s choices but tend to draw in more sperm cells from other males than the partner. The foremost appropriate explanation to this is that the chemical signals sent by the female eggs, only find genetically compatible ones in the process conceiving.

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Image Credits: EurekAlert!

However, there is a high chance to find cures/treatments or even the reason why infertility issues arise within couples after this research has thoroughly understood. Dr. Fitzpatrick further stated that though humans and animals are picky when choosing their life long partner they did not think fluids in our bodies were also choosy. The idea of human eggs selecting sperms is ‘novel in human fertility’.

Sperm entering human egg
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Dr. Fitzpatrick further explained that basically, what occurs in this procedure is it creates significant egg-sperm combinations that would create an easier process to fertilize. Although this study has yet not confirmed anything 100% there could be a slight possibility that this is so. Dr. John thanked everyone who worked hard and contributed to the research and its findings and hopes this new study will benefit infertility couples in the near future.


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