Woman Shocked To Find Potato Sprouts Taking Over Her Flat During Lockdown

Mother nature really took over the world within a short period of time of three months of lockdown due to the severe increase of the COVID-19 pandemic in many countries since March. As a sudden notice was issued of lockdown restraints worldwide, people fled as quickly as they could to their loved ones, knowing they wouldn’t be able to see them for months once the lockdown is enforced.

With the rapidly increasing number of COVID-19 patients and deaths, lockdowns were enforced in almost every single country. Many people were left stranded unable to travel back to their families and loved ones.

Potato sprouts growing on a kitchen wall

A 22-year-old woman named Donna Porée living in a flat in Caen, France, flew to her boyfriend’s home to quarantine along with him for three months. However, prior to the quarantine period being imposed, she purchased a bag of potatoes worth £2.25. She had planned to cook them on the very day the lockdown was imposed.

Long sprouts growing on a kitchen wall

However, she was unable to make a meal out of it. Three months later she had returned from her boyfriend’s back to her flat. Porée noticed something unusual growing on her kitchen wall from the corner of her eye. Donna was shocked to see the potatoes grown huge sprouts that look like tentacles.

Potato sprouts breaking closings of a desk

She shared pictures of the situation going around in her kitchen, and they went viral in an instant on Twitter. She captioned the post stating that her potatoes had decided to grow without control so much that it has made holes in the ‘colonized’ desk seals of the kitchen.

At first sight of it, Donna mentioned she almost had a heart attack as she was terrified of the silhouette of the sprouts of potatoes but laughed once she switched on the light in the kitchen. Porée ended up extracting out some tentacle-like sprouts with scissors and refill the holes it had formed.

Image Credits: Twitter/donna9p


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