“Love is a paradox. Its force”, argues the philosopher Michael Hardt, derives from contradiction. On the one hand, love is an attachment: the strongest and most unshakeable relationship you can have with another person. On the other, love is an explosion:  an event that marks you for life, an irrevocable division between then and now. Love is the ultimate union and the ultimate rupture at once.

Love, for all its mystery, has of course been one of the great subjects of great art. Today we bring you simple yet beautiful and alluring artwork created by an amazing artist who goes by the name Zipcy on Instagram. She has named this collection “Touch”. We hope you enjoy these sensual illustrations as much as we did.

More info: Instagram | Facebook | Grafolio

Some days I just want to lie and listen to the sound of your heartbeat


I wanna hear your voice

romantic couple

The last touch

couple kissing

The best pillow


Thankful you’re the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning

couple on bed

Although it’s a small gesture, it makes me feel incredibly loved

couple on bed with love

Why are you looking at me like that? —– Because I’m happy

couple on chair

You are my sunshine

couple on bed

You are my sunshine

girl and boy on bed

To the most precious Person, I’ve ever known

couple holding hands


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