Biggest Ever Ocean Clean-Up Removes Over 100 Tons Of Plastic Trash

The largest garbage dump in the world is, sadly, the ocean. Called the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”, it’s spread over about 3,100 square miles to twice the size of Texas in the North Pacific Ocean. While there are numerous organizations working towards creating awareness about plastic and non biodegradable waste that continue to pollute the environment on a daily basis, there’s already a dangerous amount of waste piled up in the bottom of the ocean, threatening marine life.

Ocean Voyage Institute is an organization that carries out expeditions to clean the ocean of harmful waste. Recently, they completed the largest ever ocean cleanup in history which was carried out for 48 days. During this clean up, they were able to remove around 103 tons (206,000 pounds) of fishing nets and plastic trash.

Plastic Trash in ocean
Turtles often mistake plastic for food.

Along with this huge pile of trash they were able to discover many turtle skeletons, showing the immensity of the threat this condition poses on marine life. Philippine based researchers have found a dying whale with plastic trash consisting of grocery bags and ice sacks amounting to over 40 kilograms inside it.

Plastic Trash in ocean

More sad news is on the way as scientists have spotted about three beaked whales, five cetaceans, four sperm whales and two baleen whales swimming within the largest garbage patch. Given these unfortunate circumstances, there’s a bigger possibility of hearing the death of these rare creatures too.

Plastic Trash in ocean

While about 12.7 million tonnes of plastic waste is sent to the ocean annually, it is obvious that we are polluting the ocean and killing marine life as well as their habitats at a fast rate.

Plastic Trash in ocean
S/V Kwai crew remove a GPS-enabled satellite tracker from a ghost net in the Gyre.

Thankfully, organizations such as these continue to do their best in this cause. The Ocean Voyage Institute is planning to continue this mission, as Crowley, founder and executive director stated:

Biggest Ever Ocean Clean-Up Removes Over 100 Tons Of Plastic Trash

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Press release 

Image credits: Ocean Voyage Institute


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