Each day, matters seem to be getting out of hand in the streets of America. With the death of George Floyd caused by the police of Minneapolis and several others in recent weeks, things have intensified the situation in America as well as in foreign countries.

Last Saturday, as the protests continued nightly, so did the firing of pepper bullets and tear gas by officers at angry protesters. However, after 53 nights of protesting in Portland, adding an even more surreal moment to the scene emerged from the crowds as a shadow in the clouds of tear gas, a young unknown naked woman now dubbed as the “Naked Athena”.

A naked woman standing in the middle of the road
Image Credits: Twitter/DonovanFarley

This moment was captured by TheOregoian/OregonLive photographer Dave Killen and later tweeted by Donovan Farley, a freelance journalist. According to Killen, the prevailing state of the city has worsened. Police and the federal agents aim their guns at every person and car in sight. When a random car drives by, ten guns are pointed at it.

Armed forces stand in a line on the streets of America
Image Credits: Twitter/DonovanFarley

The mysterious woman was wearing just a cap and a black face mask as she walked towards the armed agents/officers deployed by non-other than the President of the United States Donald Trump. The heavily armed agents/officers were lined up across the street of downtown Portland.

As pepper bullets were fired at the asphalt beside her, a fellow protester moved in to protect her with a homemade shield. However, she moved away from him and stood back in her vulnerable stance in front of the officers.

Woman sitting in the middle of the road naked with legs apart
Image Credits: Twitter/DonovanFarley

At one instance, she performed a series of ballet poses in front of the armed officers. Later she sat down on the bitumen with her legs apart facing the officers. She then rolled on her back and stood back up. Ten minutes after she had emerged from the crowd, the officers or agents of the intersection left the scene. The woman later disappeared back into the crowds unharmed.

Attorney General of Oregon Ellen Rosenblum filed a lawsuit for a restraining order to prevent any more arrests following their abusive tactics in the city. In addition, Mayor of Portland Ted Wheeler stated these protests are leading to more vandalism and violence. President Trump had applauded the efforts of the agents as a ‘good job’ committed.


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