Norway Becomes The First Nation To Ban Deforestation

Here’s some news that will add hope for a better world. At least there’s one country in the world that stands up against deforestation. From now on, Norway will not commit to not using any sort of product that contributes to deforestation. Such an exemplary move from a giant nation in the world!

Something every human being takes for granted is that trees are the sole reason we breathe, and that we live. Nothing else, not money, not wealth can ever do what trees do. As someone said on the internet, “If trees gave Wifi, we all will be planting trees”. This is applicable to many people who simply ignore the fact that forests are the lungs of our planet.

While forests cover 31% of Earth, it is drastically decreasing due to deforestation. Evry single year, around 46K to 58K square miles of forest are lost and this is equivalent to 48 football fields EVERY MINUTE. It is impossible to even begin to explain the immensity of the impact this destruction has on nature.

Norway Becomes The First Nation To Ban Deforestation

Even so, let me remind you for the millionth time what deforestation does.

  1. Contributes to 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Directly causes climate change
  3. Disrupt natural cycles.
  4. Destroys wildlife habitat, resulting in their death.

If you think this isn’t serious, just keep in mind that when all bees disappear off the face of earth, humans will only have four years left to live.

It is in such a heartbreaking situation that Norway decided to set an example to the rest of the nations by banning deforestation.

Norway Becomes The First Nation To Ban Deforestation
Illegally logging site on Pirititi indigenous amazon lands on May 8, 2018 (Felipe Werneck/Ibama via flickr via AP)

This admirable decision from Norway is significant because until now, it was the companies that stopped working with goods with a connection to deforestation. This is the first time a government joined the action.

While Norway stands at the top of the list in banning deforestation, it’s not the first time that the country showed its love and care for the green. Norway has a long history of taking measures to conserve forests in the world; banning deforestation is a climactic point in its chain of environmental friendly stance.

Norway Becomes The First Nation To Ban Deforestation

In 2014, at the United Nations Climate Summit held in New York, Norway made a pledge with Germany and the UK that it would “promote national commitments that encourage deforestation-free supply chains, including through public procurement policies to sustainably source commodities such as palm oil, soy, beef and timber”. In 2016, Norway officially declared that the government’s public procurement policy will become deforestation-free.


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