The Astonishing ‘Veiled Virgin’ Sculpture Of The 19th Century

They are called the ‘Masters of the Renaissance’ for many valuable reasons. As we know throughout history or if we are to be specific three or four hundred years earlier a few individuals were “touched by the Gods” with extraordinary gifts that encouraged them to contribute to the world. However, in the present world, we have lost such incredible talent by fueling “unskilful” people and establishing justifications like “art is a form of individualism”. We have replaced quality talent with products for profits.

For centuries, carvers have worked with marble for its valued mellowness and translucence. The features of this metamorphic rock are best suited for arts that require Ravelled details which include flowing drapery and anatomical distinctions.

The Veiled Virgin Sculpture residing in a church
Image Credits: Wikipedia

One specific sculpture known as “The Veiled Virgin” flawlessly reveals both these illustrations. The sculptor behind this wonderful masterpiece is non other than Italian sculptor Giovanni Strazza. This artist who is believed to be from Rome brought this amazing piece of detail to life around the 19th century which was the 1850s.

The Veiled Virgin captured from all sides of sculpture
Image Credits: Megapixx~/Flickr

The Veiled Virgin is Virgin Mary who is draped in a transparent veil that outlines her realistic features. This sculpture depicts either one of the historic distinctions of the portrayals of the Virgin Mary. Virgin Mary’s famous portrayals are of her eyes closed and head tilted down as the figure appears to be modestly praying or expressing grief.

The sculpture is currently residing in the city of St John’s, Canada since receiving it in 1856. This piece has been sculptured specifically out of Carrara marble which is a material gleaned from Tuscany. It was historically utilized by the Italian Renaissance artists and Roman builders.

Here are a few more sculptures sculptured out of marble by the incredible God gifted Renaissance artists.

#1 Raffaelle Monti – The Sleep of Sorrow and the Dream of Joy, 1861

Marble sculpture displayed in museum
Image Credits: Pinterest

#2 Thomas Ridgeway Gould – The West Wind, 1870

Marble Sculpture standing on a stand displayed in the museum
Image Credits: Flickr/Jess Buttery

#3 Raffaelle Monti – Sisters of Charity, 1847

Three Sculptures draped in veils

#4 Chauncey Bradley Ives – Undine Rising From the Waters, 1880

A beautiful marble sculpture draping in a veil
Image Credits: Flickr/Jennifer

#5 Giovanni Maria Benzoni – Veiled Rebecca, 1864

A marble sculpture from the 19th century on display
Image Credits: Flickr/cwphobia


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