Mysterious Cluster Of Green Lights Spotted In The Night Sky Of China

Residents of the major metropolitan city of China, Shenzhen are in shock after spotting strange lights hovering above the sky of the city. The footage of the unknown cluster of lights released on social media gained over four million views globally. According to residents of the area who witnessed this strange incident stated that the lights resembled a UFO.

In the footage that was released on social media shows the cluster of mysterious lights hovering above the skyscrapers in the night sky on the 25th of last month (July). Viewers commented that it clearly looked like a UFO. Many residents had shared various videos taken from different angles and images of the strange incident.

Certain individuals also stated that it looked like alien spaceships in the night sky. One person had questioned if its sort of doomsday prediction. This incident became a trending topic on the Chinese equivalent to Twitter, Weibo application.

Mysterious lights in the sky of China
Image Credits: Weibo/7053128350


However, not long after the video of the mysterious lights had gone viral authorities of Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau stepped in and ensured the public it is an atmospheric optical phenomenon. This phenomenon is known as the warm light pillars that occur when light reflects naturally or artificially off flat ice crystals in the air. This type of formation forms in conditions that particular than regular light pillars.

Green lights in the night sky of Shenzhen
Image Credits: Weibo/7053128350

Without elements such as,

  1. The presence of high-altitude clouds
  2. The absence of low and medium altitude clouds
  3. High humidity in the air
  4. High atmospheric visibility
  5. Low wind and ice crystals

The formation of warm light pillars will not take place.


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