‘Curator Battle’, A Battle Of Museums On Who Has The Coolest Prize Possession On Display

Several museums are still closed due to the daily increase of COVID-19 infected patients. Therefore, as a method of entertaining people with historic discoveries from home Yorkshire Museum located in the North of England organized a ‘Curator Battle’ on Twitter.

The Curator Battle was organized by the Museum of Yorkshire with the participation of several other museums around the world. In simple words, they opened their museum doors virtually on social media platforms to engage an online audience while providing them with knowledge.

Yorkshire Museum
Image Credits: Twitter/YorkshireMuseum

The challenge asked museums to share images of their star object that is on display. However, this challenge was quick to transform into an international movement from a simple challenge to attract the attention of the public online. Sadly, this was coming to its finale.

This battle gave an opportunity to all museums to promote their most valuable historic piece amongst the people, said the York Museums communications manager. He also went on to say the battle was a success and had made the headlines of many mass media platforms.

York Museums have had to endure a difficult time just like the rest of the world. They had to endure a loss of income of nearly $2 million for the past four months. However, they strongly believe they revive this situation in the near future once the pandemic is under control.

The Yorkshire Museum did not forget to state that they hope to bring the battle sometime in the future. In different forms and ways at different times of the year.


A jar of moles
Image Credits: Twitter/GrantMuseum


Bones buried in soil
Image Credits: Twitter/MuseumofOxford


A man from ancient history discovered buried
Image Credits: Twitter/SeptimusKeen


A golden table
Image Credits: Twitter/MuseeLouvreLens


Bones of a giant sloth
Image Credits: Twitter/MOASdaytona


A titanic steward's watch
Image Credits: Twitter/SotonStories


A giant insect held by a woman
Image Credits: Twitter/BWWilliamsLab


A painting of a girl on a swing
Image Credits: Twitter/WallaceMuseum


An ancient sword displayed in a museum
Image Credits: Twitter/YorkMansionHse


An ancient glass flask
Image Credits: Twitter/NAAheritage


Chess pieces from historic times
Image Credits: Twitter/NtlMuseumsScot


The first football made in history
Image Credits: Twitter/smithmuseum


Shakespeare's old books
Image Credits: Twitter/LULGalleries


The Grand Orrery
Image Credits: Twitter/WhippleMuseum


Sutton Hoo's battle helmet
Image Credits: Twitter/NT_SuttonHoo


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