Shawn Coss is an Ohio based artist with an amazing art portfolio. The artist has worked for such clients as the horror king Stephen King himself, creates Cyanide & Happiness cartoons and even has his own clothing line. In 2016 he decided to alter the path of his art and the results took the world by surprise.

“In 2016 I created the mental health series, Inktober Illness, as part of the annual Inktober series which completely altered my art direction to focus more on artwork that helps create a conversation on mental health. My art has been all over the internet and bodies of many fans and it’s still spreading. It’s been life-changing, to say the least, that an artist from Ohio is able to connect with so many who feel like they don’t have a voice” – Shawn Coss

More info: Instagram

Below are some of his extraordinary sketches and you can follow him using below links for regular updates.

#1 Anxiety Disorder

#2 Generalized Depression


#4 Panic Disorder

#5 Social Anxiety Disorder

#6 Nonsuicidal Self-Injury Disorder

#7 OCD

#8 Bipolar Disorder

#9 Antisocial Personality Disorder

#10 Schizophrenia Disorder

#11 Borderline Personality Disorder

#12 Intermittent Explosive Disorder

#13 Dependent Personality Disorder

#14 Pica Disorder

#15 Depersonalization Disorder

#16 Avoidant Personality Disorder

#17 Body Dysmorphia Disorder

#18 Dissociative Identity Disorder

#19 Delirium Disorder

#20 Dermatillomania

#21 Stockholm Syndrome

#22 Cotard’s Delusion

#23 Separation Anxiety Disorder

#24 Substance Abuse Disorder


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