Irish Doctor Proves That Masks Don't Reduce Your Oxygen Levels

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, there are two hot topics that were widespread among the public in every country. First, is it necessary to wear coverings/masks in public to protect ourselves and others from the spread of the virus? Second, do masks reduce our oxygen levels to a certain level when worn? However, a few days back, the answer to the first issue was demonstrated in a video on how important the daily use of masks is in our new normal lives. Now for the answer to the second issue is right here.

A general practitioner from Dublin, Ireland, Dr. Maitiu O Tuathail, uploaded a video of 70 seconds as an experiment relating to the issue that masks or any other facial cover decrease the oxygen levels. This test succeeded in proving that using a face mask cannot decrease the wearer’s oxygen levels.

A doctor putting on the mask in hospital

Dr. Tuathail is seen positioned next to a pulse oximeter to monitor his oxygen saturation levels in the blood. With the pulse clip placed on his index finger, he begins to put on six disposable masks one at a time.

A doctor is fixing his mask near a pulse oximeter machine

Dr. Maitiu finally puts the last mask on and the machine shows a steady pace of almost perfect oxygen saturation levels. However, it is seen slightly varying between 98 and 99 percent. This doctor conducted this 70-second experiment to prove wrong a misleading piece of information taken from social media.

A doctor putting on another surgical mask

A caption to the video posted by the doctor said that many people had repeatedly queried him on whether facial coverings/masks decrease oxygen levels. Proving the misled data to be false, the doctor stated in the caption that it does not in any way reduce your levels of oxygen.

A doctor with many masks on in a hospital near a machine

After a while of posting this clip, many people had retweeted it and debated in the comments section on this issue.

This is a piece of advice to everyone around the globe. If you are reading this, please do not believe everything that is said on social media platforms. Do not spread such misleading information among others until confirmed to be true.

Wear your mask to protect yourself and others from this deadly virus. We all are in this together.

Image Credits: DrZeroCraic


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