How Effective Is The Use Of A Mask In Our New Normal Lives? - Video Included

As many countries are currently facing the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are debating how effective it is to wear a mask to restrict the virus from infiltrating into our systems. And it is really necessary to wear a mask to protect yourself from the virus. Well, here are some proven studies on why you must wear a mask and how it protects you from contracting the virus.

A researcher from Virginia Tech, Linsey Marr, pointed out that analysts all over the world can say that masks do not provide the safety that is required. However, there is a sufficient amount of proof that it does with extra measures taken like social distancing. This depends on what mask you wear and if it’s worn properly.

Flow of our bacteria in air when talking

In addition to this debate, YouTuber Dr. Joe Hanson of the YouTube channel ‘It’s Okay To Be Smart’, lately released a video briefing people on why we should wear masks. Joe began to create educational videos because understanding the entire universe including Earth makes life richer and pleasant.

Flow of bacteria in air when breathing

Utilizing a Schlieren imaging – that helps see a sneeze or cough with our naked eye – and slow-motion cameras that work 250 frames per second were used to demonstrate a unique study that all of us should be aware of. Mr. Matthew Staymates who is a Fluid Dynamicist and Mechanical Engineer at the National Institute of Standards and Technology explained how the flow of air takes place when talking, breathing and coughing.

Flow of bacteria in air when coughing

He also demonstrated how effective masks are if worn to prevent contracting airborne diseases: the COVID-19 virus.

Mask preventing bacteria entering into our systems

Without the use of a mask, a virus can travel up to 6.5 feet which is 2 meters. However, it depends on the expulsion. While wearing a mask the air’s momentum is reduced but the air is still released. Despite that, when the air is released, it happens at a much different pace.

Four pictures of masks preventing bacteria in the air from entering into our systems

In addition, Hanson went on to demonstrated that a cloth mask, an N-95 mask and a bandana does a possible restriction of the increase of COVID-19 cases. Therefore, take to heart that the virus is still on the spread. The mask and other health guidelines will not only help protect yourself but others around you as well.

Watch the video below for more understanding! Stay safe guys!

Image Credits: Matthew Staymates/NIST

Video Credits: Youtube/It’s Okay To Be Smart


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