Missing Golden Labrador In Kansas Discovered In A Home In Missouri

We all know that the connection we have with our dog is mutual, and a dog’s loyalty is very real. Some dogs just really outshine their unconditional affection and loyalty, even at the cost of their own safety. And stories like this remind us all humans that they are incredibly devoted, loyal, and intelligent creatures ever known to mankind.

Earlier this month it was reported four-year-old Golden Labrador, Cleo had gone missing in the town of Olathe, Kansas. However, Cleo, the missing dog was found an approximated 57 miles away from its current home in Kansas. What made the moment even more shocked was that this little pooch was found at its family’s earlier home in Missouri.

A dog sitting on the front porch of a house

The new occupant Colton Micheal and his wife Britney of the Missouri home were startled to see a dog sitting on their front porch after they had just returned from work. They stated that Cleo looked as if it was waiting for someone to return. However, at first, Cleo did not allow the couple to approach her.

A man and woman sitting on the front porch with a dog

Cleo later was then scanned in hope of locating a microchip to find some information on the real owner of this pooch, and they were in luck. The microchip contained the last name “Drew” of the previous occupant of the house they currently live in.

A yellow labrador standing next to a man with its tongue out

Immediately, Colton contacted Drew and informed that they’re missing pup is on the front porch of the house in Missouri. This left Cleo’s family speechless as he struggled to believe that she managed to walk that long way unscathed. Drew also stated that she means the world to him and his mother.

Cleo the Golden Labrador would have traveled door to door and must have crossed a river and many busy roads on its way. However, her long journey will remain a mystery. This one heck of a brave girl is now happily reunited with its family.

Colton did not forget to mention that if she tends to pop in again for a visit the couple would know who to call.

Image and Video Credits: KMBC|YouTube


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