K-9 Bites Cow, Deputy Tases K-9, Cow Kicks Deputy

While responding to a case of burglary, a deputy and his partner K-9 were ended up their job in a quite different manner. They had a confusing, scary and weird fight among themselves. No one would want to repeat such a thing.

The Report of burglary.

Deputies of Georgetown county arrived at a scene of a burglary at around 4.00 p.m on Wednesday afternoon. Among those, there was an officer from K-9 which was highly trained to hunt down any type of criminal who tries to run away or even tries to harm police officers. However, a cow which was one of the property owner’s animals got the attention of the dog and it was distracted by the cow.

Cow attacking the cop
The Cow attacking the deputy.

What exactly happened with the cow.

The dog was curious about this creature(the cow)and it went to investigate the cow. However, the investigation was ended up with a bite which was sinks into the cow. So in the middle of such a situation, when considering the cow’s safety the owner of the dog had no choice other than using his teaser on his own dog to control the situation. But it didn’t go as the deputy wished. While the teaser got down the dog it also affected the cow and then both deputy and the property owner got kicked by the cow.

Fortunately, both the deputy and the property owner had no severe damages and walked away with some minor injuries. Although it was ended up like that it will be an unforgettable moment to the deputy as well as to the property owner. The burglary remains unsolved and the investigation was dropped.

Georgetown county Sheriff
Georgetown county Sheriff

It has confirmed by the Georgetown sheriff’s office that both deputy and the property owner will be recovered shortly. It was a blessing that no one was hurt severely. And definitely, that cow won’t be a pleasant one for dogs anymore.


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