I Show The Sadness Behind The World’s Most Famous Faces With These Surrealistic Oil Paintings

I am Saint Hoax, a pseudonymous artist who shaped a series of oil paintings entitled “MonuMental” which create in your mind the ephemerality of fame. These artworks give a meaning of iconographic study of the unhappiness lurking beneath the spotless facades of idols.

However, such paintings will be showcased on October 10 at Plastik Gallery, a post-internet experiential art gallery, in Beirut.

More info: Instagram | theplastikgallery.com

#1 “God Save The Queens” – 2018


#2 “The Kennedy Dream” – 2018

Kennedy Dream

#3 “The Two Fridas” – 2018

Two Fridas

#4 “Killer Queen” – 2018

Killer Queen

#5 “Is That All There Is” – 2016

marilyn monroe

#6 “Live Fast, Die Young” – 2017

princess diana

#7 “The People’s Queen” – 2018

People's Queen princess diana

#8 “Confessions Of A Moon Walker” – 2018

michael jackson

#9 “The Kiss” – 2017



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