Brazil Hyundai Showroom Hires A New ‘Pawfessional Consultant’

Earlier this week, a stray dog made headlines worldwide for being appointed as the first four-legged employee at a Hyundai agency in Brazil. Here is Tucson Prime. A name that was given by the staff at the Hyundai agency when they had adopted him back in May. This story had gone viral when pictures of the four-legged employee were posted on their Instagram account.

It was a few months back when the staff at the Brazil Hyundai agency had noticed this innocent soul hanging around the front of the agency on a daily basis. Just like every human mind, the employees thought that this was just something temporary. He would find a place of happiness elsewhere. However, as days went by the stray just proved that he is determined to stay in the long run.

Brazil Hyundai showroom's new employee
Image Credits: Instagram/tucson_prime

That is when the employees adopted the innocent soul and gave him the name ‘Tucson Prime’. And his very own ID card. The initial goal for to provide Tucson refuge. However, his great ability to interact and greet the customers granted him a promotion as a ‘pawfessional consultant’.

Tucson Prime Brazil Hyundai's showroom's employee
Image Credits: Instagram/tucson_prime

Mr. Emerson Mariano who is the showroom manager made a statement to the Top Motors Brazil media that the comments of the customer service by Tucson Prime has been remarkably positive. The conditions of the organization have also improved profoundly thanks to their new companion, he said. Mr. Mariano went on to say that some customers return to the showroom just to greet the dog back and shower him with gifts.

New Hyundai employee Tucson Prime
Image Credits: Instagram/tucson_prime

The showroom’s new four-legged friend was precisely adopted on a night pouring with rain when the manager Mr. Emerson could not bear to watch the innocent soul suffer. It was actually Mr. Emerson who had suggested the idea of adopting the dog to the board as their mascot.

Tucson Prime seated on an office chair
Image Credits: Instagram/tucson_prime

According to the team at the showroom, Tucson Prime is expected to play a lead role in a national advertisement for Hyundai.

#1 The Manager

Tucson Prime and Hyundai showroom manager
Image Credits: Instagram/tucson_prime

#2 The Staff

Tucson Prime and the staff
Image Credits: Instagram/tucson_prime


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