Horned Sungem - Tiny Hummingbird With Rainbow ‘Horns’

Recently, we’ve been sharing with you about unique birds from all over the world in a series of articles. You saw beautiful and tiny snowball birds from Japan and magnificent birds from Peru. well, we’ve got another one for you, the Horned Sungem, which has two ‘horns’ that look like rainbows.

How many species of hummingbirds do you think are there? 20? 50? Nope! There’s a staggering 338 known species of hummingbirds.

Hummingbirds are birds native to the Americas. They are the smallest of birds. Most hummingbird species measure 7.5–13 cm (3–5 in) in length. These birds get their name because of the humming sound created by their beating wings.

Horned Sungem - Tiny Hummingbird With Rainbow ‘Horns’

This specific species we’re talking about can be commonly found in Bolivia, Brazil, and Suriname. They are about 4-5 inches in length and weigh 0.063-0.099 ounces. They prefer fairly dry open or semi-open habitats and avoid dense humid forest.

Horned Sungem - Tiny Hummingbird With Rainbow ‘Horns’

What makes this species unique is their colours and appearance. On either side of their head, they have two sets of feather that are of rainbow colours. They look like the angels of the bird paradise with their rainbow halos. As if to highlight these beautiful rainbow horns, most of the rest of the body is white with touches of green. The black face and throat only adds to the bright pink, gold rainbow horns. What’s more, the bright royal blue on the head between the two horns makes these birds only more majestic.

Horned Sungem - Tiny Hummingbird With Rainbow ‘Horns’

However, sadly, it is only the males of the horned sungem that have these gorgeous rainbow horns that give a royal look.

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Image source: Instagram | @thiago.t.silva


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