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We all love bee honey alike, and we would share images of honeycombs once in a while. But, what’s the deal with this honeycomb that’s going viral and everyone keeps sharing on social media?

Sarah Jane Humphrey posted on her Twitter a picture of a beautiful looking honeycomb that has been apparently forwarded to from her beekeeping parents who received it from a fellow French bee keeper. The honeycomb in question has such a wonderful design that really mesmerizes anyone who looks at it.

The interesting fact about this specific image of the honeycomb is that many people keep sharing it claiming that a friend sent it to them, while appreciating the beautiful work of nature. Surprisingly (or not), none of them care to mention the original source from which they received the image of this eye catching honeycomb.

However, this was until Twitter user Steve Byrne sensed something fishy about this specific honeycomb being shared by everyone and going viral.

He decided to do some background check and found out using Google reverse image search that many have shared this image. He further revealed in his Tweet that this particular image has been used in a thesis about the natural shape of beehives.

However, he later tweeted linking the image in question to its seemingly owner, UK’s National Trust, which seems to have shared it back in 2015. The funniest thing is, the UK National Trust even replied to a thread saying that “this is the real deal”, claiming themselves to be the original source of the image.

However, tables were turned as the REAL owner of this picture finally entered the scene.

He had created this honeycomb into a heart shape using a customized frame, so that he could gift it to his wife.

Looks legit, right?

Well, now we all know the real deal behind this whole viral image of the beautiful honeycomb!


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