However hard it has been for everyone being quarantined these days, this period also revealed the creative side of a lot of people. Now that people can’t go out and ask out the nice guy or girl they see like they usually do, people have been made to come up with new strategies. This guy nailed it!

Since the daily life of people has been restricted in a lot of ways, they are compelled to come up with alternative ways to get their work done. This guy went viral on social media as he made his chihuahua go to the department store to buy him Cheetos. The pup went with a note by the guy to the seller and money stuck to its collar and brought back a packet of Cheetos and the change.

Now, the guy we are talking about is Jeremy Cohen from Brooklyn. He saw a girl dancing on the roof of a building which was next to his own place. Finally, when she saw him, he took the courage to wave at her. And guess what! She waved back!

Well, given the circumstances, obviously none of them could come out of their houses and meet each other. But that didn’t stop this romance. Jeremy came up with an ingenious idea. He used his drone to send his number to the girl! Just imagine, what a unique story will have to tell their children, if they ever get married?

Jeremy has not dated in about a year, and being surrounded by the walls of his house only made it worse. Just in time, this girl decided to get on to the roof and do a little dance. That’s when Jeremy wanted to say hi to her, and thought of giving a shot at it.

However, the girl named Tori, texted him an hour later. How did she introduce herself?
“Hiiii it’s the girl from the roof!”

The next day, Jeremy wanted to take it to a whole other level. He asked her out for dinner! Well, you know it’s obviously impossible, being stuck in homes. But, Jeremy, with the help of Tori’s roommate, planned the dinner date.

They set up a small table on his balcony and her rooftop, and had fun at the dinner date, through FaceTime.

Looks like it went well, right? Jeremy is planning another surprise, according to his social media. Let’s wait and see how it turns out!

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Quarantine Cutie, part 2. Her name is Tori (@toricigs) and she’s cute and kind ?

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