A florist is making gold with a bundle of sanitary papers. The florist and his wife from Arkansas were long time bathroom tissue couponers who had them hoarded even before the pandemic hit the entire nation.

The florist became popular on a social media platform after sharing a picture of a bouquet which was designed using bathroom tissues. As many say, simple yet weird stuff quickly goes viral. This post by the florist hit the internet overnight with a good number of reaches. And just like that, the bog roll bouquet emerged.

“It’s just like a dozen roses, except that it has toilet paper,” David Faulkner of Blossom Events and Florist, said to WREG. “I mean we made toilet paper look pretty, I guess if you can consider that. As I said, it was just for giggles, you know, to bring some smiles to our community.”

Since the recent pandemic surge, the necessity for sanitary papers was outrageous. In most of the countries, people fought for it, making it scarce. The florist acknowledged the importance of it and came up with an innovative idea to brighten up the prevailing condition. And thus, the bathroom paper bouquet became the internet’s new sensation.

“Because in New York she said it’s very ‘doom and gloom,’” Faulkner said. “She said this is definitely making people smile up here.”

Although the demand went through the roof, the distribution has been confined only to the local customers.

“One guy sent it to his wife at her work and we’ve got a mother sending it to her daughter for a fun little St. Patrick’s Day gift,” Faulkner stated.

The florist also claimed that the epidemic is making them distressed due to its impact on their business as they mainly depend on weddings.

“It is going to affects our business one way or another,” Faulkner expressed woefully . “So we’re just trying to, right now, do like everybody and make the best of it.”


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