Florida Protesters Do Squats And Push-Ups, Demanding Gyms To Reopen

COVID19 had entire countries locked down, and still has some countries and parts of countries under lockdown. Places that are still not open for the public include gyms, and these protesters from Florida took matters into their hands by protesting against this situation.

The group of protesters included about thirty protesters from Florida who demanded the gyms to reopen. What’s interesting was that none of these thirty protesters were wearing any personal protection clothes like masks nor were they practising social distancing during the protest. As seen in the videos, they clearly do not have a one-meter distance between each of them.

Florida Protesters Do Squats And Push-Ups, Demanding Gyms To Reopen
Photo: Courtesy of @WFLA/Twitter

At the moment, only hair and nail salons and other barber shops were allowed by the Governor of Florida to reopen. Gyms won’t reopen until Florida reaches Phase Two of the governor’s reopening plan. Even the businesses that were allowed to reopen were allowed to do so under strict regulations.

Tom Cove, president and CEO of the Sports and Fitness Industry Association trade group, said he is optimistic that health clubs and fitness professionals can weather the hardship of gym closure. In addition to physical and social benefits, he said, the gym industry prides itself on offering hygienic spaces to exercise.

The protesters gathered outside a courthouse in Clearwater, Florida, on Monday. They kept waving American flags while doing push-ups and squats on camera. They were also clapping in between push-ups. Further, they said that that protest would be the ”fittest protest in America”. The protesters held up placards saying “Give me gains or give me death” and “We will not comply”.

However, they might be regretting the choice to add push-ups to the protest because people are now asking why the protesters can’t do push-ups at home if they can do them on the pavement, why demand for gyms to open?

Watch the video below


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