A Rare Incident Of A Fish Stuck Inside A Jellyfish Spotted In Australian Waters

It is terrifying for any animal in the wild to survive. You are either a predator or prey. When it comes to surviving, animals have to be really intelligent, creative, and sneaky in order to survive a long life in the wildlife, especially small creatures. For example, certain animals form alliances with other animals to survive the process of life. Birds would use the hippos’ back as a way to form an alliance of surviving. However, fish have to be really careful as some marine predators will not be so forgiving and open, while some defense methods are uniquer than others.

Ocean photographer Tim Samuel and Videographer Franny Plumridge went diving in the crystal-clear waters of Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia, and noticed something unusual. A fish swimming inside a jellyfish! Tim the photographer stated that he has not seen anything like it before and thought of setting it free but decided against it to let nature run its course.

Fish stuck inside jellyfish in the ocean

As research was conducted into why the fish would have been inside the translucent medusa. Rob Condon, who is an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, stated that there could be many reasons as to why the fish is seen associating with a jellyfish.But, as the species of the fish is uncleared it is difficult to determine the actual reason. Jellyfish are likely to provide key ecosystem services that benefit the fish species.

Fish swimming inside of jellyfish in the Australian waters

A jellyfish taxonomist named Lisa-Ann Gershwin mentioned that the unknown fish species might have been inside that jellyfish for a while. Further, she said that it would have deteriorated the jellyfish. But it wouldn’t have any tentacles left if it had deteriorated.

Yellow fish swimming inside of a jellyfish

Gershwin adds that it’s “totally normal” for fish to use jellyfish for feeding, protection, and locomotion. She’s just perplexed about both the animals and the photo.

Image Credits: Instagram/Tim Samuel Photography


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