Father Dressed Up As A Mermaid To Fulfill Eight-Year-Old Daughter’s Birthday Wish

A father plays a significant role in their children’s lives. A father has a huge impact on a child and supports and helps him/her shape into the person they become as they grow up. Like mothers, fathers are the tower of strength in the development of a child’s emotional health. Children look up to their fathers to lay down the rules, to receive a feeling of security, both physically and emotionally. Fathers who constantly involve in a child’s life promote inner growth and strength.

One particular father proved all the above to be true. This father went above and beyond to make his daughter the happiest on her 8th birthday. Therefore, these sorts of dads are worth celebrating forever in our lives.

Dad and daughter dressed up as mermaids near a river

This year, a little eight-year-old girl had just one small wish for her birthday which was a mermaid-themed photo shoot with her dad. Desirae Deal who was the photographer behind the most adorable and heartwarming moments captured into a forever memory stated that the little girl’s dad had followed in on the fun and let me tell you, he did not disappoint in any way whatsoever.

Mermaid dad and daughter smiling at camera laying in the river

The joy of such a tiny gesture by a dad for the happiness of his child is displayed on both’s faces. The photographer went on to say that such precious memories will be cherished wholeheartedly for generations to come. Further, she said that this is the best gift any child can ever receive from her dad. One day when she’s older she will look back at these photos and thank the God above for blessing her with one of the best dads in the entire world.

Dad and daughter grins at camera while laying in the river with their mermaid costumes

Desirae Deal the photographer from Arkansas in the South of America finished her Facebook post saying that every opportunity/chance parents get they utilize that time to be spent with their kids for they are little for so long only.

Image Credits: Desirae Deal Photography


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