“Do you wanna build a snowman? Come on, let’s go and play!” this is how much we get excited when we hear about snow. But do you know how snow is formed? Well, according to google it says, when water vapour in the atmosphere freezes into ice crystals, snow is formed.

With snow comes ice. Ice is formed when the water reaches 0°C. Due to the extreme cold, there could be damages for human to engage in his daily activities, like lack of food due to frozen crops, increase corrosion in buildings or car tires to skid out of control are likely to happen due to extreme cold. Ice can be beautiful and it can also be harmful at the same time. And now we are going to show you 30 mind-blowing pictures of snow and ice created by nature itself.

#1 Emerald colored ice sparkles at Lake Baikal in Russia.

Alexey Trofimov

# 2 Folded Layers of Snow, ice formed in appealing sheet layers

# 3 Stunning picture of Frozen Bubbles

Angela Kelly

#4 Frozen Lakes

Phillips Chip

#5 Frozen Lighthouse located on Lake Michigan

Thomas Zakowski

#6 Flowers Encased In Ice After Storm

Norman A Bolduc

#7 Ice Blossoms


#8 Frozen Tree

Svetlana Shupenko

#9 Frosted Cobwebs

Robert Felton

#10 Frost Flowers Spread Across Arctic Ocean

#11 Frozen Berries

Matt Stearns

#12 Icicles Form On An Apple Tree In Bloom

Thomas Zagler

#13 Leaf After Freezing Rains

#14 Frozen Grass

Luca Biolcati Rinaldi

#15 Rabbit Frost, Also Known As Frost Flower

Mark Adams

#16 Frozen Pond

Adam Rifkin

#17 Frozen Orange Flowers

Mihai Sararu

#18 Ice Forms in Bubbles Over Grass After Rain


#20 Frosted Pine

Cindi Girard

#21 Frozen Ghost

#22 Frozen Leaves

#23 Frost on Fence

#24 Snow roller

Miranda Granche

#25 Ice men


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