Elon Musk's SpaceX Launches South Korea’s Secret Satellite Breaking NASA Records

The names ‘Tesla’ and Elon Musk have long won the world of cutting-edge technology. The Tesla Cybertruck, the million-mile battery, the chip that streams music directly into our brain (under development), the SpaceX projects only continue to amaze us. Yesterday, Elon Musk achieved another milestone while also breaking a world record.

On July 20, at 5.30pm, SpaceX successfully launched yet another satellite into space. Anybody around the world could witness this record breaking event as they live-streamed it through their websites SpaceX. However, the webcast was limited to the deployment due to national security issues.

The satellite is called “ANASIS-II” and was launched on behalf of Lockheed Martin, South Korea. Since the satellite belongs to a South Korean military, much information is not shared about it.

The company boasts of their own technology in building reusable rockets while other companies are still struggling to develop them.

Elon Musk SpcaceX ANASIS-II launch
The Anasis-II military communications satellite for South Korea is seen as it is shipped from Airbus’ clean room in Toulouse, France to Cape Canaveral, Florida for launch. (Image credit: Airbus Defence and Space)

The rocket booster used in this process was the same as the one from their first-ever mission with humans aboard, Crew Dragon.

Just like Elon Musk amazes us with all his technological projects, this one too was a unique one. Not only that, this launch was able to set a world record, breaking the previous one by NASA in 1985.

The record set was for the shortest turnaround between rocket launches using the same booster, which is just 51 days.

Falcon 9 SpaceX’s principal integration engineer announced that the mission was a complete success:

Elon Musk SpcaceX ANASIS-II launch

At the rate that SpaceX projects are going, there’s no doubt that Elon Musk will only continue to realize more advanced and “first-time-ever” projects.


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