Here Are Some Results When Effective Communication Between Two Parties Fail

Being able to speak effectively is one of the foremost important life skills we all can learn. It will not only bring out positive results but would also make everything easier to be done. However, it would take a lifetime to ace the abilities of effective communication among one another. Improving communication abilities will benefit us within the professional field, at social gatherings as well as personal life.

Listening to the question and understanding the confusion that lies within it, is a unique skill that not everyone is gifted with. The lack of communication is a conversational failure that should not happen in any circumstance. However, even if neither parties can get what they want, there should be a mutual understanding between the two.

There are several reasons why people fail to communicate what they really want to say, like the failure to listen, failure to respect, failure to express things in clear and understandable terms, failure to express things hastily and failure to compromise.

There are times when communication that does not properly take place in day to day lives end up with serious tummy twisting humor. And when it ends up in ways like that the result would be something intentional or purely an accident.

Here are some of those moments. Take a look at them to have a laugh and hope you get some kind of joy from them.


Pillow cases on top of the pillows on a bed
Image Credits: Malicious Compliance


Disney designed a 'nothing' dish
Image Credits: Douee


A visiting card with a name and designation on it
Image Credits: sandipsych


Taco Bell Sauce Packets in Brown Paper Bags
Image Credits: ThreadedPommel


A big letter S
Image Credits: Imgur


Photo messages on a phone

Photo Messages on a Phone
Image Credits: mirandasantos


Woman holding a golden stick
Image Credits: maddipotter28


Question Paper with an ultimate answer
Image Credits: TheImpundulu


Mother breastfeeding a baby in public
Image Credits: Carol Lockwood


A Cashier Receipt Paper with a huge mistake
Image Credits: Isaacxxi


Half Eaten Grapes in a box
Image Credits: Jaaaaamomma


Facebook post with comments
Image Credits: u/_teadog


A muffin in a man's hand with only one chocolate chip in it


Mac donalds french fries in a bowl
Image Credits: EditorsNotes


Gaucamole with ice in a glass
Image Credits: Carlee Boynton


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