Lost Dog In Thailand Sniffs Its Way To His Vet For Help

A heartwarming incident was reported from the city of Bangkok, Thailand of a mixed black bull terrier puppy that was just 04 months old had lost its way in the streets of Bangkok. You may wonder what is so heartwarming about this as its an unfortunate incident. It’s an unfortunate incident but do not worry the pup had it’s happily ever after.

The pooch Khiew Nygren who had lost its way back home after wandering into the city had sniffed its way back to his veterinary clinic where he usually gets his shots from. The curious little pooch and the rest of his dog family were let out for a usual stroll around the neighborhood by their owner. Khiew’s owner works in a restaurant called the Bai Mai Kitchen.

A black pup staring at the camera
Image Credits: Phuttaraksa Animal Clinic

Little Khiew had been roaming the streets for around six hours but was lucky to find its way to the Phuttaraksa Animal clinic. Soon as he got there he began to attract the attention of the vets at the clinic while he stood by the door outside.

A dog excitedly looking at a human
Image Credits: Phuttaraksa Animal Clinic

The recording caught on the security camera shows the pooch grazing at the door and windows of the clinic and barking for attention. An employee at the vet recognized him instantly and welcomed him into the clinic for some shelter. Immediately after that, the staff had contacted the owner of the dog to notify them he is safe and sound.

A dog sitting in front a door
Image Credits: Phuttaraksa Animal Clinic

Not long after the call was made, Khiew’s owner arrived at the clinic and was reunited with her pup. The video posted by the clinic on Facebook managed to make the news. It also received over 580,00 views, over 16,000 likes, and hundreds of comments.

A woman holding up a dog happily
Image Credits: Phuttaraksa Animal Clinic

What a smart pup is Khiew Nygren?


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