Man Clips Dog's Nails While It Licks Cheese Off His Head

Having a dog is fun. They do the silliest yet adorable stuff that keeps us laughing and all happy. They are cute, they don’t let us get bored easily. As fun as they are, it requires a lot of work when you have a dog too. This is apart from food and vet expenses. These include stuff like getting your dog to have a bath, drink their medicine or clip their nails. Well, this dog owner from Williansburg, Virginia came up with the smartest and funniest strategy to make his dog sit still when clipping nails.

Greg Lee is a 41 year old owner of a six and a half stone Rhodesian Ridgeback called Jax who is one year old. Greg always used to have a hard time clipping Jax’s nails. So, he came up with this clever trick that Jax fell into in a second.


Greg had canned cheese on his bald head in order to take Jax’s focus away from his nails being clipped.

dog licking cheese of man's head

Earlier, he used to have peanut butter, but then it stuck to his head too hard. So, he switched to cheese. And, guess what! Jax is always busy licking the cheese off Greg’s head while Greg clips Jax’s nail effortlessly.

man and dog

This activity usually takes 20 minutes. So, Greg’s daughter keeps supplying more cheese to keep Jax going. Interestingly, this genius idea was his oldest daughter’s, who said, We should put Cheese Whiz on your head and let him lick it off’.’ Well, it turned out to be good for both parties in the end!

Watch the video below!


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