Disabled Dog Finds Forever Home After Being Dumped Twice In One Day

Why take in any animal if you are not ready to face whatever consequence or any type of situation that follows? Why dump the animal when you have no time to care for it? In the first place, why bother to take an animal into your home and call it your pet but do the most wicked things to it? In the recent past, a number of heart-shattering photos and videos have been surfing social media platforms as well as mass media. There has been a rapid number of cases with regard to animal cruelty/abuse in many countries. This is one such story.

A heartbreaking CCTV footage surfed many social media platforms on the 05th of January of an innocent disabled pooch being dumped on the street by its heartless owner. The footage was clear to haven broken many hearts of animal lovers across the country and world. The innocent soul, now named ‘TinTin’, is a three-legged dog that was dumped by a wicked couple in the middle of the road in the Rio Grande do Sul located in the southern Brazilian state.

Disabled Dog Happy he finds a new home

TinTin was dumped not once but twice on the very same day. First, the woman who had abandoned the dog on the road was later in the day returned by some male stranger. The second time, the innocent soul was dumped by the woman’s husband/boyfriend.

He was then taken in by the Patas Geurreras animal charity. As soon as TinTin was taken into the charity, he had received over thirty requests for the adoption of this innocent soul.

Disabled smiling that he finds a new home

However the charity was keen on having an in-depth interview and home inspection of the one lucky family that gets to adopt the pooch. Thankfully, TinTin has found his forever home with a new family that showers him with endless and unconditional love and care. It was reported by the charity that beautiful TinTin is doing exceptionally well.

Image Credits: Prefeitura de São Leopoldo


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