Doctors Ask To Masturbate As Much As You Can

Now our whole planet is being dreadfully overwhelmed by the Coronavirus. So doctors in each and every country are trying to find ways to stop the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Most of the countries are getting precautions such as lockdown villages or even cities, making special hospital facilities, making quarantine centers, etc. to win this battle against Covid-19. And there are also some safety measures to follow as citizens. As you already know, don’t leave houses unless it’s essential, wash your hands properly, use a face mask whenever necessary and so on.

This video clip shows how to apply soap properly on your hands.

If you want further information about Coronavirus, just pay a visit to the World Health Organization website.

So, as I mentioned before, most of us are not allowed to leave our homes. Now, by experience, you all know that it has been boring to be remain at home for such a long time.

However, according to doctors, there is something that you can do to strengthen your immune system while having fun, which will help you to stay away from Covid-19: Masturbation.

Masturbate as much as you can.

Be a responsible person to defeat this contagion, stay at home, and masturbate as much as you can for better immunity.


Dr. Jennifer Landham, who is a hormone therapy specialist, and her crew have discovered that the immune system can be strengthened by increasing the number of white blood cells via sexual arousal and orgasms, by a study which was done at the University of Essen in Germany. And reports The Sun.

And also masturbation can help to have a good sleep which will improve overall health.

So isn’t it a great news in the middle of this crisis?