Heart-Wrenching Video Of Bengal Tiger Distressingly Pacing In Circles In Beijing Zoo

In the recent months, a video surfaced on social media platforms of a seemingly distressed large captive Bengal tiger repeatedly pacing in circles in a small enclosed space of a Beijing Zoo. With over 10 million views, viewers showed concern towards the tiger as it marched continuously in a circular path which at the end created a circular mark due to its fixed path.

Animal enthusiasts displayed severe concern towards the big white cat’s mental health state. However, reports state the video was not recorded recently as zoo caretakers had moved to a more huge space with more toys, food, and much care after noticing changes in the behavior of this big furry friend at the end of March.

White Bengal tiger pacing in circles at a zoo

The tiger is reportedly receiving ‘psychological counseling’ after noticing the changes happening to the Bengal tiger. Videos of such incidents have shed more light on these conditions of these animals who are kept in zoos, which is a place where they barely even have any room to walk let alone run and have fun.

White Tiger Staring out of the glass depressed

Sadly, in the first week of April pictures surfaced of this very same tiger in a different enclosure endlessly walking in rounds looking completely or even more in distress. It makes us more distressing to watch the video as we all know that these animals are kept against their will, and they are not clearly receiving the care that every animal truly deserves.

Watch the video below of the distressed white Bengal Tiger

Let’s all hope for a more normal life for each and every animal and may they get the freedom, attention, love, and care that each one of them deserves.

Image Credits: AsiaWire


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