Nature is the ultimate expression of beauty. You will never find anything that is so gorgeous and striking as nature and that is why people are always advised to seek the comfort of nature when they are under stress. The coldness that touches your skin with the breeze, the warmth of the sun rays that make you feel alive and the rustling sound of leaves in a lonely beautiful surrounding will cure your heart and soul in a magical way.

Today we are going to tell you a beautiful story of a human who has added more glamour and shine to the beauty of nature. You will absolutely love what he has done and his work gives a great message to all of us as well.

Scottish sculptor Andy Goldsworthy creates transitory works of art by arranging leaves, sticks, rocks or anything else he can find outside. Most of Goldsworthy’s art is considered transient and ephemeral, causing people to perceive it as a criticism on the Earth’s fragility. However, for Goldsworthy, the meaning is more complicated.

He had this to say about his work in an interview.

“In the early days, my work was about collapse and decay. Now some of the changes that occur are too beautiful to be described as simply decay. At Folkestone, I got up early one morning ahead of an incoming tide and covered a boulder in poppy petals. It was calm and the sea slowly and gently washed away the petals, stripping the boulder and creating splashes of red in the sea. The harbor from which many troops left for war was in the background.”


black and white stones


old tree and branches


bright tree trunk


green leaves


colour full stones on beach




blue feathers


sharp blue rocks


yellow orange leaves


ice sculpture


road in forest


stiks on water


colourfull leaves


leaf snake


red leaves


stones and stiks


white stones


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