2020 has been a tough year so far. Apart from losing so many lives from the epidemic, nature has taken its revenge on humankind by the disasters like the fire in Australia, earthquakes in Puerto Rico and floods in Indonesia which all took place in the first few months of 2020.

Amidst all the death tolls, destruction of infrastructure and natural resources, the economy of the countries drastically declined, and therefore, many lost their jobs. Currently, due to the prevailing situation of COVID-19 lockdown innumerable workers are facing financial crisis because of unemployment.

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, declared to lockdown Mumbai till May 3rd. But this didn’t stop the migrant workers who come from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Bihar. These breadwinners protested against the government demanding to make arrangements to transport them back to their residents.

This is a challenging period for all, but for the breadwinners it’s worse. Can you imagine the struggle of a daily wage worker? The families depend on the daily earnings, and due to the lockdown, their lives are disrupted.

An anonymous labourer stated to the NGO that although the urbanites are accommodating the migrants with food, they are forced to send them home since the lockdown has severely impacted their earnings.

“Now, we don’t want food, we want to go back to our native place, we are not happy with the announcement (extending the lockdown),” he said depressingly. Asadullah Sheikh, who comes from Malda in West Bengal, said, “We have spent our savings during the first phase of the lockdown. We have nothing to eat now, we just want to go back at our native place, the government should made arrangements for us.”

“These migrant workers want to go to their native places. We have asked them not to be impatient because a lockdown is in force at present. “Since some of them were complaining about the food, we have called an NGO and immediately brought food packets for them. The situation is now under control,” a police officer at the spot told reporters.


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