Cop Desperately Tries To Save Choking 3-Week-Old Baby In Patrol Car Footage

Last week, a hard-to-watch video was shared online of a police officer desperately trying to save a three-week-old girl from choking to death while the baby’s family watched in distress.

The video starts with the patrol car stopping by the side of the road for the officer to get down and get the baby. He comes back with the baby in his hands, and the baby’s family including the mother follows him. While the police officer does an incredible job remaining calm in the hazardous situation, the mother cannot stop panicking and crying out of love and fear for the baby’s life.

With the baby on his hands, the officer does his best trying different techniques to clear the baby’s airway. At one point, the mother can be seen kneeling down and crying because she cannot watch her newborn baby going through that situation. While more people gather around them, the police officer keeps trying with all his might to save the baby’s life.

Cop Trying To Save Choking 3-Week-Old Baby

He keeps repeating that the baby is crying to reassure the mother that the baby is okay. After his attempts to ease her breathing, another patrol car arrives at the scene. While the mother collapses to the ground because it’s too much for her to watch, the police officer does not pause his work.

Then, the baby is taken away to be admitted to a hospital. The department praised the officer for his act. If not for the heroic act of this police officer called Cameron Maciejewski, we would be hearing some other bad news. Thanks to him, the baby girl’s life could be saved.

Watch the video below!


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