China was the epicenter of the COVID19 outbreak, and after a considerable number of deaths, the country is slowly moving back towards its usual routine pre-pandemic. Transportation to and from Wuhan started some weeks ago, and with the holiday weekend, people filled the usual tourist spots, amidst the health risk that is still prevalent.

The Huangshan mountain park in China is a popular tourist attraction. On last Saturday (4th April), the place was literally filled with people that the authorities has to announce that that the daily capacity of 20K visitors were reached and therefore would not be able to allow anymore visitors. As much as this sounds interesting, it is more than scary to think of such a large number of people gathering at one place, packed so close, while the virus is still posing risks.

The situation was the same with the Bund waterfront which was also full of people. Moreover, the businesses that were temporarily shut down due to the pandemic also started their businesses too. Beijing too saw a similar situation with people filling the public places and parks.

It is true that, as the images show, most people are wearing masks. But when such a large gathering of people happens, the risk is higher, however much precautionary actions are followed. The healthcare personnel of China seems to be of the same opinion, despite the relaxed restrictions.

The virus outbreak undoubtedly caused a massive breakdown in the country’s economy. In order to repair or minimize the damage done, manufacturing processes have been started.

However, this speedy return to the normal lifestyle might also suggest a second wave of the virus infection.


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